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Tax Advisory
  • Transfer Prices documentation
  • Due diligence and tax audits
  • Taxes applicable to companies, individuals and expatriates
Recurring accounting fulfillments
  • A/R Invoice issuing, ledger registration and aging list
  • A/P ledger registration
  • Financial movements registration
  • Payroll
  • Fixed Assets and depreciation accounting
  • General ledger data entry
Periodical accounting fulfillments
  • Monthly accounting reports
  • Interim financial reports
  • Customers and suppliers schedules
  • Statutory books handling and processing
  • Monthly bank reconciliations
Recurring tax fulfillments
  • Tax fulfillments relating to direct and indirect taxes
  • Tax payments by bank mandate
  • Periodical and annual VAT returns and relevant filing
  • Intrastat forms and relevant filing
  • Withholding tax returns and relevant filing
  • Preparation of letters of intent and relevant forwarding
Annual tax fulfillments
  • Tax calculation
  • Tax returns and relevant filing
  • Tax fulfillments in connection with foreign assets
Annual corporate fulfillments
  • Financial Statements closing – adjustment entries
  • Annual Financial Statements and other related document processing
  • Board of Directors/Shareholders; meetings minutes preparation and relevant assistance
  • Corporate fulfillments, i.e. submission with the Registry of Enterprises (Financial Statements, branch opening, exc.)
  • Tax domiciliation
  • Assistance in opening new positions with Social Insurance Office and Labor Inspectorate
  • Elaboration of payslips with F24 forms
  • Certifications
Assistance for administrative management and relationship with headquarters
  • Report reconciliation to HQ requirements
  • Assistance to company’s auditors
  • Assistance to external tax advisors
  • Preparation and communication of any accounting information to HQ
  • Preliminary meeting and evaluation of business, activation, planning and timing in order to provide the best service to the client
  • Accurate cost estimate of the provided services
  • Final offer, payments due and terms determination
Assistance to companies and professionals for insolvency proceedings
  • Assistance for insolvency proceedings and related support activities
  • Compliance evaluation for tailored models in order to match several duties and rules required in specific business fields
  • Compliance to Legislative Decree 231/2001: risk assessment, organization model, and code of conduct tailor-made elaborated on the client needs based on existing or required Internal control system and related gap to comply with
  • Compliance to Privacy: evaluation of the existing control systems, technical and organizational actions in order to guarantee data protections complying with UE/679/2016 prescriptions
  • Internal Audit: function organization and operative tools determination (either in case of an existing Internal Audit or to provide specific services in outsourcing)